Casty goes for a try-out ...

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Casty goes for a try-out ...

Post  Casty on Wed Sep 10, 2008 4:08 pm

Hi there guys.. I heard u were planning to make a new clan.. And I wanted to let you guys know I'm interested. Some information about myself for those who don't know me yet.

Real life name: Jorrit
Last name: Veldhuis
Country of birth: Netherlands
Nationality: Dutch
Age: 15
Hobby's: Basketball, computering, playing CoD UO, hanging out with some friends.
Sport: Basketball, running
Music: Drum&Bass, electronic, jazz, soul/funk, oldschool-hiphop, chill-out
Ingame name: Castillo a.k.a Casty (brother of Windje and lil'bro from Portis).
Previous clans: DRA, m0r, DHC
Favourite rifle: Kar98k
Favourite automatic weapon: Mp44
How long playing CoD UO: For like 3 4 years.
Teamspeak: Yes
Ventrilo: Yes
Microphoon: Yes
Xfire: jorrit35 (Just add me if you want to Wink)

Did I forget any information? Well this was me. Have a good time guys and I'll hear what it's going to be.
Thank you.

Love Casty <3

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Re: Casty goes for a try-out ...

Post  v1cious on Sun Sep 14, 2008 10:45 pm

Casty, we've decided not to let you in.

we think you are not a bad gamer but it's not quite up to the skilllevel we're looking for. that doesn't mean ur shit tho (as in other applications) Wink

good luck.

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