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Post  v1cious on Mon Sep 15, 2008 11:24 pm

Welcome to our forums!

We're glad that you have decided to apply for infnite but there are some things you should note and consider before actually writing your application.

1. Skill - We will ONLY recruit people which proved themselves as high-skilled (considering uo relations of course Rolling Eyes ). If you think you can't meet this basic condition, please don't even post to keep the pain low for both sides.

2. English - You should be more than just able to speak and understand the english language as we're communicating in english only. If you can't, don't post.

3. Age - We don't really have an age limit but it's more or less self-evident that we wouldn't recruit a 13-year-old kid. unless it's acting very very mature ofc.

4. Teamspeak 2.0, WORKING microphone & Xfire - quite basic, but some even fail there. -.-

5. Activeness - Well a specific request of hours / day would be kinda silly but you definitely have to be very active and be online more or less every day.

6. Behaviour - Simple rule: be mature. Keep the flaming as low as possible, be able to su in scrims ect.

If you are sure that you meet all these conditions, go and write your application. Here's some stuff to insert:

Ingame name
Former clans
Reasons for joining us

Please don't expect us instantly to answer your application. We will definitely answer every single one we recieve, just be a bit patient.

Good luck Smile

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